Project stakeholders continue to meet on a regular basis to collaborate on available funding opportunities to pursue to implement the projects proposed in the BMRT Plan. The information listed here is intended to provide an overview of potential funding sources available for the various projects. It will be updated as new funding sources are identified.

Blue Mountain Region Trails

Project Funding & Progress

Providing this seamless network of non-motorized trail and transportation connections calls for a multi-layered approach that analyzes and effectively integrates urban area walking and biking commutes, intra- and inter-city recreational travel, as well as regional hiking, cycling, and horseback riding links to the multitude of cultural, historical, and natural resource sites the Blue Mountain Region has to offer. The recommended infrastructure will be designed to best serve the identified need and associated transportation, recreation, and mobility functions.

This planning effort enables local entities to adopt identified sidewalk, bike route, and trail recommendations into their own comprehensive plan - transportation and recreation elements, thereby unlocking public and private funding opportunities, including federal and state grants such as Washington Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO) or Oregon Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD) grants. In order to facilitate the implementation of the regionally coordinated facilities, the Blue Mountain Region Trails Plan complies with RCO and OPRD planning requirements to immediately establish grant eligibility.


Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund, Rails to Trails Conservancy

Creating Access, REI Foundation

KEEN Effect Grant Program, KEEN, Inc.

Environmental Grant, Patagonia

Explore Fund, The North Face


Recreational Trails Program, Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO)

No Child Left Inside Grant Program, RCO

Land & Water Conservation Fund, RCO

WA Wildlife & Recreation Program, RCO

Pedestrian & Bicycle Program, Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Safe Routes to School Program, WSDOT

Small City Sidewalk Program, Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)


Recreational Trails Grants, Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD)

Local Government Grant Program, OPRD

Land & Water Conservation Fund Program, OPRD

County Opportunity Grants, OPRD

Safe Routes to School Program, Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Travel Oregon Competitive Grants Program, Oregon Tourism Commission (OTC)